Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy New Year

A little late...but happy new year none the less. We rang in the new year with my teaching friends. These pics were taken after we got home and remembered we had these cool glasses!

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

We were in San Antonio last weekend celebrating Curt's grandmother's 95th birthday! What an amazing woman! If people would let her, she would still be driving and gardening and grocery shopping and probably still working at the rec center. We love you GiGi! Here's to more birthday celebrations to come!

Monday, July 12, 2010

First Swim Lessons


Brady had his first swim lesson today at the YMCA.  Every time we have had him in an organized sport I am always so proud at how well he listens to the coach and does what he is told when he is told.  He is gracious and kind and so full of joy!  He was by no means the most skilled swimmer, but he sure did great at the things I think are most important.  Now, am I gullible enough not to believe that we someday might have a child who won’t sit still and listen and is cranky and rude..not at all!  But for now, I am very very thankful that for some reason God chose to bless us with such an amazing kid!



A summer full of camps, friends and family!!

We have had a great summer so far.  I got to go back to camp for all twice this summer right at the beginning of the summer.  I did MDA camp with Curt (thus the dorky baseball picture of us!) and then I got to do Camp Star Trails with a girl who was in my class this last year.  It was her first year so I told her I would go if she would.  We had an amazing time and of course, camp brought out in her a child I had not seen all year!  


Here are a few pics from MDA camp.  This was Curts 21st year to volunteer with them!  I love that about him!  Such a big heart for these kids and this organization…and he gets to dress up like a hula girl!  Where else could he do this because we sure can’t afford Hawaii!


This was a student in one of my classes this year as well!  It was his second year at camp.  I didn’t get to see him much, but it was special to be there with him too. 


My sister in law brought up Brady and his cousins one day!  He loves camp already!  Here he is greeting the campers as they come to lunch.  Curt does this each meal and Brady LOVES to do it with him!  He gets so excited.  Yes, he is standing next to a super hero…aka  Dr Seth!


And here is my AMAZING cabin of girls!  They were awesome and I can’t wait to see them next year!  Go cabin 16


Here is a picture of my student and I going off of the zipline together.  She refused to go earlier in the week, but I got her up there at the end of the week and she loved it!  Keep in mind, this girl used a walker all year long in my class!  I love Camp For All!


Then there was Father’s Day!  These boys are my heart.  I love them so much!


Fourth of July is always great in Pearland because my family comes in for Brady’s birthday and then we go watch an awesome fireworks show at the Rig (Pearland High School Football Stadium)

IMG_0444 IMG_0450 IMG_0455 IMG_0458

All in all…so far so good for the summer.  I’ve started my online Grad School, we got a new computer (which is why I will now blog more because it is so much easier! I’ve traveled with my best friend Angela and I’m in the best shape ever…now if I could just get pregnant things would be even better! 

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Popeye the Sailorman

Curt's Aunt Trish made Brady's costume again this year. Here he is singing the Popeye theme song. Thanks Gat! You did great once again!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Afraid no more...

I am bummed that I have no pics to accompany this story, but it had to be shared. So, last weekend Curt, Brady and I went to the Be a Star Party for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Of course there were many clowns there and Brady is extremely afraid of anything dressed up clowns! So we see 2 in the parking lot and he starts asking lots of questions and wants to be carried. We walk into the hotel and there are 2 more in the lobby. He has a death grip on my neck and will not take his eyes off of them. We get to the room we will be in and there are about 4 more outside the room. Again, death grip, many questions and I'm telling Curt this will be a long night! We walk in the lie...a total of about 10-12 clowns. Brady had entered his version of Hell! He will not let me put him down. He crawls up me when one walks by. They of course approach him and he freaks out, I tell them he's afraid..they wave and walk away. One comes by later and asks if he would like a sword made out of a balloon. He says no and I say, sure make him one. He says no no and I tell him it's for my students so he then says, "No, I want it for me." This was our turning point. The clown brings him the balloon and we (Brady and I) go to the dance floor. He's jumping around having fun...still watching the clowns. He decides he wants a hat made of balloons so I walk him over to the clowns to ask for one. By the end of the night (about 2 hours later) he is on the dance floor in a circle doing the hokey pokey between 2 clowns. Saying come on clowns! Doing the Chicken dance with them, playing soccer with them and when it is time to go..he had to go to each one and tell them bye and give them a hug.

So, in the span of 2 hours we went from body shaking fear of clowns to being best friends with them. Isn't life funny! So, now we are going to work on my friend Angela. She's in her 30's and still wouldn't do the hokey pokey with a clown!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Wiggles, great seats and a very happy little boy!

Brady and I after the Wiggles concert...

Curt and I got to take Brady to The Wiggles concert today. It was so much fun to see him so happy. He danced and sang and laughed. There really is no greater joy than to see your kids so stinkin happy. We had great seats too. We aren't used to those kind of seats, but I'm so glad we did.

One of the songs said something about being like a snake so the kids procedded to copy the Wiggles and crawl on the floor.

One of my favorite pics. Brady was copying everything they were doing. He had most all of the songs and movements memorized.

Yelling at one of the Wiggles (Sam) who was walking down the aisle toward him.

Showing off his bag. It was the cheapest thing we could buy. Ironically it was what he asked for...thank goodness!
what a great day. I wil forever remember today...Thank you Wiggles, and thank you Jesus for giving me such an amazing, joyful little boy.

Brady...age - one day

Brady...age - one day

Brady age - 2 months (maybe??)

Brady age - 2 months (maybe??)

First Halloween as Baby Elvis

First Halloween as Baby Elvis

Brady Second Halloween - Pinochio

Brady Second Halloween - Pinochio

Brady last July

Brady last July
happy boy

Brady's First Birthday Party

Brady's First Birthday Party
Team Benedix